Before being treated with an oral appliance for my snoring and/or sleep apnea condition I was experiencing the following: Daytime exhaustion ie. After vacuuming I would collapse on the floor & sleep. Entire body muscle weakness-I felt like a dishrag, mental stupor, memory impairment, flat affect. 24/7 heartburn, fighting to keep awake after 20 minutes driving. I felt that I was dying ie. It was a huge effort just to shower in the a.m..

My overall experience with my treatment has been:

Life-changing. After wearing my oral appliance the 1st night I awoke feeling rested-the most rested I have been in years. Previously, within a week the CPAP face cushion would begin to leak air but insurance only pays for it to be replaced monthly. The air leak would continually wake me so I would try to readjust the mask throughout the night. I still snored & it sounded like an air compressor going on & off all night long.

Would you recommend this treatment to others?

Yes, I most definitely would recommend the oral appliance for others. The oral appliance is immediately effective, very easy to use/wear and it’s small size is most adaptable for traveling. The oral appliance has given my life back…a 100% turn around with tons of thanks to Dr Kenworthy!  


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Your team and office are Fantastic!!! You have certainly made a difference in my life! B.D.

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Before being treated with an oral appliance in July 2010, condition I was feeling exceptionally listless and had had the unnerving experience of falling asleep while driving home in the afternoon. I had no energy for anything optional and very little for my daily routine of work. I had gotten to a point where socializing and physical exercise were out of the question. Luckily this did not occur in the winter months or I would have been very depressed and, happily, we had just gotten a puppy which cheered me up. But I had the constant feeling of not being able to “get going.” I was overcome with fatigue AFTER “sleeping” for ten hours and could only shake this after several cups of morning coffee (something I don’t usually need). While awaiting my appointment at the North Country Hospital sleep lab in Newport, I did some research on the Internet and learned about the dental appliance route. Because I have a fairly significant overbite, it seemed that I would be an ideal candidate. I was very anxious to get on with all this and after my sleep lab diagnosis, Dr. Alsobrook in Newport referred me to Dr. Kenworthy, who expedited my case in order that I might get some relief before my scheduled late July visit to my daughters in Seattle. Two days before my flight, the appliance arrived from the lab and Lil called me with the good news! I whisked into Essex Junction and after a few minor adjustments to the appliance I was ready for my first night. It took some getting used to having it in my mouth and I only got 4-5 hours of sleep that first night but I felt GREAT the next morning!! All the cobwebs around my brain were gone. It was the best sleep I had had in a very long time and in half the time I usually spent “sleeping.” I looked at myself in the mirror and noticed that my eyes were wide-open again, something that hadn’t happened in months and the circles under my eyes disappeared within a couple of days. I felt like I had recaptured my normal energy level! I am so used to it that I have arisen in the morning, forgetting that it is in!!! With enthusiastic endorsement. Nancy C.

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I knew something was very wrong when I was stopped at a red light, fell asleep, and bumped into the car in front of me. It seemed like I was falling asleep at the most inconvenient times and was afraid to drive long distances for fear of falling asleep at the wheel. Cindy L.