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Sleep, Stress, Depression and the pursuit of a Happy Life Mar 20, 2016 08:50 pm | Tony Soileau DDS I have a great life!

So why do I cry, get depressed, and then get angry so much?

· How does stress affect us?

· Does my sleep have anything to do with it?

· What can I do besides taking medication?

Everyone has emotional highs and lows though out their lives. High school. College. Finding a job. Opening a company. Marriage. Kids. Retirement. As soon as you think you have it all figured out it’s as if life pulls the rug out from under you again. Day to day stress can be overwhelming at times. Waking up on time. Traffic. Work deadlines. Bosses. Picking up kids. Getting to appointments. It never seems to end. The body and mind pays a price for the highs and lows. How much of a price depends on how well your body and mind deals with stress and recovers from it.

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(CNN)If you crave chocolate or Cheetos after a hectic day, it may be because you’re sleep-deprived, a new study suggests. Researchers have found that lack of sleep may lead to increased appetite and an affinity for unhealthy foods. Read More

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